Date:6 – 9 MAY 2018

Exhibition Hall:Tehran International Permanent Fairground

Organizer:National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

The Iran Oil Show in Tehran International Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry Exhibition was organized by OrientExhibitions Ltd,

a famous British exhibition and exhibition organization, and received strong support from the Iranian Ministry of Oil.

The annual Iranian International Petroleum Expo has grown in size since its establishment in 1995 and has now become the largest and most influential oil, gas and petrochemical industry exhibition in Iran and the Middle East.

Market analysis

Iran is rich in oil resources and is the world’s fourth largest oil producer and OPEC’s second largest oil exporter.

Oil is the main source of Iran’s economic lifeline and foreign exchange earnings. Oil revenue accounts for more than 85% of all foreign exchange earnings.

Iran’s natural gas reserves rank second in the world, second only to Russia.

The large-scale construction of large oil and natural gas projects in the Iranian region and the maintenance and regular updates of the production equipment being used have created an opportunity for China’s oil, gas and petrochemical equipment manufacturers to export to the Iranian market.

A senior person in the domestic oil industry pointed out that the level and technology of China’s oil equipment are adapted to the Iranian market, entering the Iranian market, and the trade prospects for steadily expanding market share are very promising.

This exhibition gathered numerous international excellent equipment suppliers and attracted professional buyers from various oil producing countries.

Range of exhibition

1. Machinery and Equipment: Wells, drilling, welding, tank equipment, cranes, turbines, turbines, turbines, valves, pumps, compressors, flanges, pipes, etc.

2. Instrumentation: transformers, stabilizers, recorders, filters, temperature sensors, measuring instruments, filters, screens, etc.

3. Technical services: surveying, mapping, refining, purification, refining, separation, liquefaction, welding, computer data management, oil storage engineering experiments and simulation systems.

4. Other products related to petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas.