How To Improve The Efficiency Of TC4 Titanium(Ti) Alloy Pipe Welding

The nozzle channel has single – pass and multi – pass.The plasma arc is compressed by ion flow outside the nozzle, which increases the energy density of the arc column.

Electrode has rod shape and Mosaic type two kinds.The rod shaped rod is a tungsten alloy rod with the same shape as the electrode rod used in neon arc welding.For accurate alignment, TC4 titanium alloy tubes have to be externally polished.The structure and shape of the inlaid electrode, which consists of a hafnium (Hf) bar mounted on a copper telegraph base.

The circuit control system needs to complete a series of specified procedures and actions, such as adjusting the preempting time of ionic gas, preempting time of protective gas and time of current attenuation.

The gas supply system has welding gas and protection gas.TC4 titanium alloy tube welding gas path is the working plasma arc as the medium, can be used argon, helium (He), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2), or two kinds of gas mixture;The protective gas path is nitrogen (Ar) to prevent the weld pool and its heat-affected area from being polluted by the atmosphere. In addition to inert gas protection for the positive weld, the back side of the weld should also be protected.

The water supply system may be a tap water source or a single system with high pressure water.It is mainly used for cooling electrodes and nozzles, while cooling the cable connected to the plasma welding wheel, especially water cooling is needed for the resistance heat of the large current cable.The water pressure protection switch must be installed in the water supply system to prevent the plasma welding wheel from being burnt out due to insufficient residual water flow.

TC4 titanium alloy tube as a structural material, after melting and welding processing, in most cases, the impact of weld strength.However, milling material as some functional materials, the existence of welding seam has adverse effects: for example, one of the production equipment in the process of electrolytic feeding foil production is the anode roller “the outer surface of the cathode roller is a welded slip.Before the whole cathode roll is put into the copper foil production, the drill barrel on the surface layer of the roll should be carded and polished.After polishing, a bright weld appeared on the surface of the roller, which was also “copied” to the copper foil in the copper foil production.

Editor : Carrie Qi (rowlynti@rowlyn.com)