Introduction Of Basic Knowledge Of Coil Plate


Definition: the width is more than 2 times the thickness of the sawn timber.Divided into thin plate, plate, plate and extra-thick plate several.

A flat rectangular slab of building material, usually of standard size, used as a component of walls, ceilings, or floors.Also used of forged, rolled, or cast metal.

一、Classification of steel plates (including strips):

      1.according to the thickness of classification: (1) thin plated 、(2) medium plate 、(3) thick plate 、(4) extra-thick plate.

      2.according to the classification of production methods:(1) hot rolled steel plate 、(2) cold rolled steel plate.

      3.according to the classification of surface features:(1) galvanized plate (hot galvanized plate, Electric galvanized sheet) 、(2) tin plate 、(3) composite steel plate 、(4) color coated steel plate.

      4.according to use classification:(1) bridge steel plate 、(2) boiler steel plate、 (3) shipbuilding steel plate、 (4) armor steel plate、 (5) automobile steel plate、 (6) roof steel plate 、(7) structural steel plate 、(8) electrical steel plate (silicon steel plate) 、(9) spring steel plate (10) others.

Cold Rolled Plate

     1.Definition : Cold rolling products are the steel products that are pickled, rolled, degreased, annealed, leveled (polished) and deformed by the rolling mill at normal temperature, and the extension products are the products whose surface is coated and plated, such as hot dip galvanizing, electrostatic galvanizing, color coating, electroplating tin, silicon steel and so on.

     2.Classification : According to its properties, cold rolling products can be divided into general use, stamping use, deep punching use, structure use, etc

     3. Industry and application : Cold rolled products are used for high surface requirements or stamping of various manufacturing industries: such as light industrial products manufacturingmachinery manufacturingcultural and educational equipment manufacturinghome appliances industryautomobile industryconstruction industrymetal processing industry and so on.     ① Electrical accessories、air conditioners、refrigerators, freezers、washing machines、microwave ovens, water heaters, electric fans, water dispensers, computer shells, motor shells, VCD shells, electric heating oil, lamps, satellite antennas, speakers;File cabinet, folder, pencil case, black and white board, steel crafts, steel office furniture, enamel products, umbrella, etc.      Security doors, electric doors, steel floors, supermarket shelves, leisure furniture, kitchenware, cooking utensils, sewing machine accessories, oil drums;Automobile body, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, fuel tank, bicycle parts, chain cover;Machinery manufacturing, mechanical accessories, electrical cabinets, instrument cabinets, fire equipment boxes, safe boxes, small containers, fans, filters, radiators, machine screen, etc.      ③  Zinc, color coating manufacturers of base materials and other.

二、Galvanized sheet

      Zinc-plated plate is a steel plate with a layer of zinc on the surface.Galvanizing is often used as an economical and effective anticorrosive method, which accounts for about half of the world’s zinc production.

     1. Role : Galvanized steel plate is to prevent the surface of steel plate corrosion to extend its service life, coated with a layer of metal zinc on the surface of steel plate, this kind of galvanized steel plate is called galvanized plate.

     2. Classification:According to production and processing methods, it can be divided into the following categories:  ①.Hot dip galvanized steel plate.A sheet of steel coated with zinc that is immersed in a molten zinc bath.At present, the main use of continuous galvanized production process, that is to roll the steel continuous dip in the molten zinc plating bath made of galvanized steel;  ②. alloy galvanized steel plate.This kind of steel plate is also made by hot dip method, but immediately after the groove, it is heated to about 500℃, so that it produces zinc and iron alloy film.The galvanized sheet has good coating denseness and weldability;  ③. Electric galvanized steel plate.This kind of galvanized steel plate made by electroplating has good machinability . But the coating is thin, corrosion resistance as hot dip galvanized sheet;  ④. Single – sided and double – sided difference galvanized steel plate.Single-sided galvanized steel sheet, that is, a product that is galvanized on only one side.In welding, coating, rust treatment, processing and other aspects, has better adaptability than double-sided galvanized board.In order to overcome the disadvantage of uncoated zinc on one side, there is a galvanized sheet coated with a thin layer of zinc on the other side, that is, double-sided difference galvanized sheet;  ⑤. Alloy, composite galvanized steel plate.It is made of zinc and other metals such as lead, zinc alloy or composite plate.This kind of steel plate has not only excellent rust resistance, but also good coating performance.  In addition to the above five kinds, there are color galvanized steel plate, printing coating galvanized steel plate, PVC laminated galvanized steel plate.But the most commonly used is still hot dip galvanized sheet.

     3. Application, technical index and performance specification:    ①. Zinc-plated strip products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and commercial industries.Among them, the construction industry is mainly used to manufacture anti-corrosion industrial and civil building roof board, roof grid, etc.    ②.  The light industry USES it to make housing of home appliances, civil chimney, kitchen utensils, etc.    ③. The automobile industry is mainly used to manufacture corrosion resistant parts of cars.     ④. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are mainly used for storage and transportation of grain, frozen processing tools for meat and aquatic products, etc.     ⑤. The business mainly USES as the material storage transportation, the packing appliance and so on.

三、Hot Rolled Plate

    1. Definition : Hot rolling coil is made of strip steel by roughing mill and finishing mill group after heating with slab (mainly continuous casting slab) as raw material.From finishing the last hot steel strip mill out through laminar flow cooling to the set temperature, which consists of the winder coil, steel coil after cooling, according to the different needs of users, with different finishing line (flat, straightening, transverse or longitudinal cutting, inspection, weighing, packaging and logo, etc.) and become a steel plate, flat roll and longitudinal cutting steel strip products.Hot continuous rolling steel products have high strength, good toughness, easy to process and good weldability and other excellent properties, so it is widely used in ships, cars, Bridges, buildings, machinery, pressure vessels and other manufacturing industries.

     2. Classification : Hot continuous rolling steel plate products include steel strip (coil) and sheared steel plate.And the steel strip (coil) can be divided into straight coil and finishing coil (separate, flat and slitting coil).According to its different materials and properties, hot continuous rolling can be divided into: ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, alloy steel.According to its different USES can be divided into: cold forming steel, structural steel, automotive structural steel, corrosion resistant structure steel, mechanical structure steel, welding cylinders and pressure vessels with steel, steel pipeline and so on.

     3. Application: Hot rolling is mainly used in:Petrochemical equipment, automotive industry, agriculture industry, shipbuilding industry, iron tower, steel structure industry, electric power equipment, lighting industry, telecommunications tower, spiral steel pipe industry, metal stamping parts, transportation industry, process vessels, wheel manufacturing, pressure vessel, boiler, steel template, crane, environmental protection machinery, textile machinery, container, safe deposit box,dust removal equipment, flour, grain and oil machinery, weighing equipment, fire equipment, fitness equipment, steel plate network factory, automotive industry brake, mining machinery, cold rolling steel mill, wind mill, shelves, barrel industry, lighting equipment, farming and animal husbandry machinery, harvester, cold bending steel, installation company

Editor : Carrie Qi  (rowlynti@rowlyn.com)