Processing technology of TA2 titanium tube



TA2 seamless titanium tube is widely used in the chemical industry. The thinner the pipe wall thickness, the higher the heat exchange efficiency. $89mmX2mm is a large-diameter, thin-walled pipe that has low production efficiency and low yield in the production process.
The general production process of $89mmX2mm pipe is: extrusion blank, LG90 rolling mill blanking, LD120 rolling mill finishing product, LG90 rolling mill can carry out large reduction and wall reduction processing, and the dimensional accuracy after rolling is low; LD120 rolling mill due to roll The shape limitation can only be carried out with small diameter reduction and wall reduction, but the dimensional accuracy after rolling is high.
(1) After checking the extrusion ratio, rolling force and bending stress of the roll, it is found that the optimal production process of the TA2 titanium tube of $89mm×2mm is: using a 106106mm×8mm tube blank, and two passes of the LG60 and LD120 rolling mills. Roll out the finished product.
(2) After process optimization, the raw material loss is reduced by about 1%, the rolling pass is reduced by one pass, the equipment resource utilization rate is significantly improved, the mold wear is reduced, and the production efficiency is increased by three times.