ASTM B162 UNS2200 Nickel 200(Ni200) UNS2201 Brushed Nickel 201(Ni201) Plate For Battery

Nickel using way

☆ nickel is used in large quantities to make various types of stainless steel, soft magnetic alloy and alloy structural steel.

☆ nickel is nickel – cadmium, nickel – hydrogen battery and nickel mesh production of the main material.

☆ nickel also a large number of electroplating and catalyst production.

      Nickel is widely used in the manufacture of various types of stainless steel and soft magnetic alloys.We are talking mainly about ni-fe soft magnetic alloys.And alloy structural steel.

      Nickel and chromium, copper, aluminum, cobalt and other elements can be composed of heat – resistant alloy, electrical alloy and corrosion – resistant alloy.

      Ni-cr alloy (such as ni-cr20) has a high heat resistance and large resistance, with it to do the thermoelectric body (resistance wire), can be used as an electric furnace, electric iron, electric iron and other heating elements, can work at 1100℃ for a long time;Although ni-cr9 and ni-cr10 have slightly poor heat resistance, they have large resistance, small resistance temperature coefficient and large thermoelectric potential. They are good materials for thermocouples.

      Nickel-based heat-resisting alloys are mainly used in turbine engine, turbine disc, combustion chamber and turbine blade.The famous “monel” alloy is a corrosion resistant nickel alloy containing copper, iron and manganese, with high strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance. It has become an important material in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, sea wheels and medical devices.

      A new orthodontic alloy, ti-ni alloy, has been developed by Beijing nonferrous research institute of China.Orthodontic orthodontics is realized by utilizing the springback property of metal.

      Nickel-silicon alloys are often made into wires, strips, and rods for use in electronic tubes and vacuum instruments.

      Ni-fe and ni-co alloys are good magnetic materials.Nickel is the main material of nickel – cadmium, nickel – hydrogen battery and nickel mesh.Nickel is also widely used in electroplating and catalyst production.



Excellent corrosion of heat resistant strong alkali solution.It has excellent corrosion resistance to alkaline and neutral solution media such as carbonate, nitrate, oxide and acetate.Resistance to fatty acid corrosion.

Executive standard of nickel plate:

       GB/T2054-2005ASTM B127-1998、ASTM B162-1999

Material of nickel plate : 


Status of nickel plate : 

       Annealing state (M)Hard state (Y)

Product use : 

       Alkali industry、Chlorine-alkali chemical and organic chloride production、Food processing industry、High temperature halogen and salt corrosion environment、Electronic instrument parts、Water treatment、Various strong alkali resistance equipment.

Specification of nickel plate(thickness * width * length /mm) : 0.5-20*200-1000*500-3000

Shipping & Delivery

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